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 Welcome to MCP Angling Club


The Origins of the MCP Angling Club are in the annals of the Daily Mirror Printing Company where a group of like-minded individuals got together on a regular basis to enjoy a good days fishing, good company and an element of competitiveness. 

The group of employees sought sponsorship from suppliers to the Company and the trophies still bear their names. 

As popularity grew friends and colleagues of the group with similar objectives were invited to join and the MCP ANGLING CLUB was born.  Membership is exclusive and membership can only be achieved by invitation from a member and ratification by the committee.  The affairs are run by a small committee and all matters of significance are voted on at the annual general meeting which is held at the beginning of each year.  This is the only formal gathering of members each year.

The Club owns no waters and retains the objectives of the founding Group in addition to following the Club, water and countryside rules rigidly.  The club operates a unique payout scheme designed to give every member an opportunity to win a place regardless of ability although it should be noted that pure beginners are unlikely to gain anything but knowledge in the early days.

Those interested in joining who know a member should express their interest to them and attend a match for a small additional fee and if interest is maintained apply for membership.

Current membership is 20 for Seniors and 5 for Juniors. There is a joining fee of 10 for Seniors only.

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