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Match Rules 


1.  General

             1.1 There will be a total of eleven official matches during the year. Venues will be chosen before the end of February of that year. Ten of the matches will be points matches and a Fur and Feather which will not count towards the Club championship. The match venues will be canvassed among members and their votes taken into consideration.

            1.2 Pegging of the matches should be done with a committee member present whenever possible.

            1.3 Entry fees will be fifthteen pounds. Nine pounds will go towards the pools and six pounds for the peg fees.  Payout will be governed by Club Guidelines (for clarification see Treasurer) and shortfalls or surpluses to the payouts will be balanced from the Club funds.

            1.4 Payout will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus a winner of each section. Sections will consist of between four and six members depending on the turnout. Sections of less than five will appear at the final pegs. The first three will not be eligible for section prizes.

            1.5 Matches will be fished for a minimum of five hours unless time permits  and the venue allows longer then the extension will be announced at the draw. Thereafter no change will be allowed unless enforced by the fishery or force majure.

            1.6 Draws will take place at 9.00am and late comers will need to seek out the Match Secretary to see if any pegs remain free.

            1.7 All-in will be signalled by one of the officials or designated members on the day.

          . 1.8 Weigh-in will take place as soon as possible after each match and payout by one of the officials or designated members on the day. Monies retained will go to Club funds.

            1.9 Match results will be available from the match secretary, on a dedicated Web site along with match dates, running totals and directions to the venues.

 2.  Match Entry

            2.1 A minimum of fifteen pegs will be booked for each match and constantly reviewed until the date of the match.

            2.2 Members can book on matches up to the day before the match. If the match is full then members may turn up on the day and every attempt will be made to include them. Members who book and do not turn up will be charged the peg fee regardless of the reason. Again every attempt will be made to negotiate with the fishery to only pay for the pegs used in which case the member will not have to pay. Cancellations will be taken up to five working days (Ex. Sat. & Sun.) prior to the day of the match without fine for exceptional circumstances at the Match Secretary's discretion.

            2.3 Guests will be able to book on five working days (as in 1.) prior to the match (e.g. if the match is on a Wednesday then bookings will commence on the previous Wednesday). Guests who book and do not turn up will not be invited again unless the circumstances are exceptional and are accepted to be so by a Club Official.

            2.4 Bookings may be made to Walter Bilinkewycz on 0161 761 2199 or 07561 392724 or verbally at the end of each match.  The onus is on the member to make the booking.

            2.5 Points will be awarded on counting matches at 1 point for first, 2 points for second and so on until the last member who weighs in. Those who attend and do not weigh in will be awarded 1 more point than the last member who weighed in. Those who do not attend will count as the number of members in the club ( currently 30 ).

            2.6 The four highest points for each match will not be counted when calculating the final aggregate total for the club championship.(i.e The six lowest match points will count towards the final aggregate total).                


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